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The Dangerous Implications of Greenwashing

I recently got an “IMPORTANT TAX RETURN DOCUMENT” in the mail from Fidelity Brokerage Services, LLC. On the back of the envelope, I found an eco-looking tree logo with the message, “Choose eDelivery: Save trees. Save time.” I personally find messages like this annoying because they are self-serving and deceiving, and they intentionally badmouth print.

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Climate-friendly Practices for Growth and Prosperity

By Erica Aitken and Laura Aitken The printing industry has long pioneered new forms of technology and is now on the cusp of more significant change, spurred on by the devastating deterioration of our planet. The truth is climate change is here and our industry has to change.   The printers we consulted say that the

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Print Is Sustainable

by Canon In today’s world print sometimes unfairly gets the reputation of not being a sustainable communication method. At Canon, we are working to help change the narrative and provide some data that can support the sustainable story that print has to tell. So what can you share with your customers and prospective clients when

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