Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation offers coverage for your employees when they become ill or are injured on the job.
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Save Money on Workers’ Comp Rates for Your Print or Creative Business

Workers comp rates have fallen again and it’s time to check if you can save money. 

  • VMA will use our strong relationships with the carriers to make sure you’re getting the best rate. 
  • We know the print and creative agency industry better than anyone and know what coverage you need and don’t need. 
  • Your colleague probably works with us. We write the business for 7 out of 10 companies we quote. 
  • It’s an easy process, all we need to get started is your renewal date. 

See how much you can save! 

If it’s not time to renew yet, just give us your renewal date and we’ll follow up with you when its time. 

Contact shannon@visualmediaalliance.org or 415-710-0568


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