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New Rule Ups the Stakes for Employers That Use Temp Workers

The National Labor Relations Board has issued a final rule that expands the definition of what’s considered a joint-employer relationship and increases employers’ potential liability. Under the rule, two or more entities may be considered joint employers if they share one or more employees and they both can determine the workers’ essential terms and conditions

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New ADA Guidance on Employees with Vision Impairments

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued new guidance for employers to provide reasonable accommodations for visually impaired workers who request it. About 18.4% of all American adults have at least some difficulty with their vision, even when wearing corrective lenses, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The new guidance addresses

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Two Measures Would Mean More Sick Days and Family Leave

Two bills wending their way through the state Legislature would increase the amount of sick days workers in the Golden State can take as well as expand — once again — the definition of “family” for the purposes of paid family leave. Business groups have come out against both of the bills, which they say

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Workers’ Comp Rate Reduction Teed Up for Sept. 1

California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara has issued an order that cuts the average advisory workers’ compensation benchmark rate across all classes by 2.6%, starting Sept. 1. After holding a public hearing in June, Lara rejected the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau’s recommendation that the benchmark rate increase 0.3%. The difference between the WCIRB-proposed rate and

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Your Firm May Have a New Ownership Reporting Requirement Coming

Under new U.S. Treasury Department rules, businesses with fewer than 20 employees and less than $5 million in annual revenue will have to start reporting ownership and control information to the federal government every year. The requirement, issued under the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), is expected to affect 32 million small businesses across the country.

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