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Quarterly PIPI Surveys

The Printing Industry Performance & Insights (PIPI) study is a quarterly survey and report on the performance and outlook of the print and graphic communications industry. 

The study aims to give business owners actionable advice on managing their operations more effectively. 

The study is funded by the 15 regional printing associations and conducted through the Jones College of Business at Middle Tennessee State University. If you have any questions, please reach out to Dr. Ralph Williams Jr. 

We invite you to participate in the survey occurring every quarter. The current survey is closed; please check for the next survey or view our reports below. 

Current PIPI Reports

June 2024 Report

2024 Financial Benchmarking: Findings Paths to Improving Your Printing Company

In this report, we seek to provide you (printing company leaders) with financial benchmarks that will help in strategic planning and operational decision-making. Specifically, we explore percentages and ratios from income statements, value-add analysis, balance sheets, and cash management indicators.

Past PIPI Reports

October 2023 Reports

A Big Picture of Revenue Trends, Business Outlook, Other Knowledge, and Actionable Thoughts

In this report, we help printing company leaders see the big picture of our industry from the October 2023 “Printing Industry Performance & Insights” study, which provides insights related to revenue, business outlook, customers purchasing more or less printed products, and customer turnover. The study includes thoughts on how to address this environment proactively. 

Branding Your Firm as a Good Place to Work: Employer Branding

From our October 2023 “Printing Industry Performance & Insights” study, it appears effective recruiting and hiring is connected to two key concepts: an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Employer Branding. We explain EVP and Employer Branding and provide a model illustrating our findings. This report closes with survey participants’ responses to open-ended questions about their employer branding approaches.

A Big Picture of Inflation, Paper Supply, and Postal Mail Rates, with Actionable Thoughts

In this report from our October 2023 “Printing Industry Performance & Insights” study, we provide insights as to how our industry is affected by external factors, such as inflation, paper supply, and postal mail rates. The study concludes with printing firm leaders’ thoughts about a potential recession. Actionable thoughts are shared throughout our report.

March 2023 Report

Financial Benchmarks, Ratios, and Actionable Thoughts

This March 2023 survey addressed benchmarks and ratios to assess your firm’s performance and plan a path forward. Along with income statements and cost categories as a percentage of revenue, balance sheets and related ratios, and cash management indicators.   

October 2022 Reports

How Paper is Affecting Printing Companies and Approaches to Consider

This October 2022 survey addressed the many issues around paper supply from meeting customer needs to its impact on cash. The report covers these topics and includes recommendations. 

Connecting a “Comprehensive Strategic Approach” to Printing Firm Performance

This October 2022 survey addressed how management activities can positively impact firm performance. The report includes three key strategies that when taken together make the difference. 

A Big Picture of the Printing Industry

This October 2022 survey and report cover revenue trends, covid recovery, inflation, recession concerns, and workforce size per company size. 

April 2022 Reports

Marketing Planning, Sales Team Management & Social Media Usage Report

The April 2022 survey addressed marketing planning, sales management, and social media marketing.  

Is Your Firm Growing Like Others in the Printing Industry? Report

This April 2022 report identifies print business revenue and growth insights. 

October 2023 Reports

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