Sales Vault by Bill Farquharson

Sales training and coaching for printers and creative agency owners, backed by more than 35 years of experience.


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Sales Training for Printers, Packaging, Labelers, and Agency Owners

Bill Farquharson’s Sales Vault is an online resource and community featuring a calendar of ongoing workshops, on demand sales courses, live peer-to-peer discussion.  

The Sales Vault includes sales specific live events and past content searchable by topics such as: 

  • Time Management + Sales Focus 
  • Prospecting for Introverts 
  • The Morale Squad 
  • Sales For Creatives and Other Non-Sales Types 


  • Peer-to-peer sales challenge discussions  
  • Expert interview series from other salespeople and industry leaders like Kelly Mallozzi and Steve Benson 
  • Recorded coaching calls – hear advice to salespeople with your same challenges
  • Sales courses available 24/7 in video and audio formats 

Sales Vault is created by Bill Farquharson, an industry sales veteran with his 35 years of print and creative industry sales experience. 

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