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Why Should You Participate in the Print Industries Wage + Benefits Survey?

Each year, regional affiliates, including PIASC, conduct a detailed survey of the wages, benefits, and human resources policies of the printing, packaging, and related industries. This is the most comprehensive industry survey of its kind! Data is collected nationwide, and then reported at a very granular level.

The top three reasons to participate

  • You’ll get access to a treasure trove of data. Want to see the results of the survey? The Survey Report is only given to participants. And it’s filled with invaluable data that can help make your business more successful.
  • You’ll be helping the industry. As with all industry surveys, a high level of participation is required to create statistically significant results. Your participation helps everyone.
  • Your participation will be easier than it looks. Yes, the questionnaire itself is 40 pages long. But unless your operation is so big that it includes nearly every type of equipment out there, you will not actually be filling out 40 pages worth of data!

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