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Check out VMA’s New Website

With lots of forethought, creativity, and dedication, we are excited to share that we just launched a new 80-page website! We also updated our URL. Check it out at visualmediaalliance.org 

Our objectives in the redesign included creating a site with stronger SEO and UX. As well as to speak to our audience and prospects, be on brand, and meet Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) goals. 

VMA sent out an RFP and talked to several firms. We chose member-firm, Adduci Design (adducistudios.com), known for building beautiful websites, has experience with brand strategy, and, as a VMA member, and knows VMA’s mission extremely well.  

VMA’s marketing team, fortunately, had the expertise to handle the branding, architecture, and page templates in-house, and the Adduci team brought the branding alive with a gorgeous and unique look that speaks to the middle ground between print and design. Thank you, Adduci, for this amazing work!  

This is an exciting achievement for the association and the industry, as VMA represents the graphic arts industry for all our members. We know that our website is one of the first visual representations of our mission, and we’re so pleased with the update. 

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