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Half a Dozen Reasons Why Donuts and VMA Are Good for You

We all want a reason to think donuts are good for us. We found 6 ways donuts are beneficial! And just like donuts, VMA can be good for the health of your business. Here’s how.

1. Donuts and VMA improve your focus!

Donuts can help improve your focus, memory, and attention.
Did you know that the sugar in a donut can provide a boost you need to get going? Sugar helps to produce a neurotransmitter chemical called acetylcholine which helps regulate your memory, attention span, and motor skills.
VMA helps you stay focused on what matters most – your customers and services.
Managing a small business is tough. With VMA’s Management Suite, you can spend less time trying to find answers to all the administrative challenges that pop up. VMA members get free HR support from Mineral platform, compliance resources, cash management solutions, and so much more to make it easier to run your business.

2. Donuts and VMA are there for you when you need them most.

Donuts are a great survival food.
Donuts are packed with carbs, sugar, and calories. And that’s just what the body needs in a situation where food is limited. So, if you wanted to keep an emergency donut on you at all times, now you have an acceptable reason.
VMA offers crisis support to help you make it through emergencies.
If there’s one thing the last couple of years have taught us, it’s the importance of being ready in a crisis. With VMA’s Crisis Support Suite, you get timely alerts and webinars, communication templates, and checklists + you don’t have to navigate uncertainty on your own.

3. Both offer great deals.

Donuts provide a lot of calories for a small price.
For a dozen donuts (more than 2,000 calories), you’ll probably spend about $10. Quite a steal, right? You’d have to eat 66 servings of kale to even come close. At $0.79 per serving, that adds up to more than $50. The donuts are clearly a better deal.
VMA saves you money with group discounts on what matters most.
From computer to shipping cost, the costs of running a small business can add up quickly. VMA has your back with exclusive discount programs on amazing brands from apple to UPS on the products and services that help keep your business running.

4. Donuts & VMA bring people together!

Donuts help you bring people together.
Whether you’re celebrating good news, or grabbing late-night sweets after a night on the town, donuts are a great treat for bringing people together. Everyone can pick their favorite topping and enjoy a sweet time.
VMA helps bring the right people to your business.
VMA helps you attract people too. Instead of sugar and sweet toppings, we offer a Sales Suite that can help you blow your sales goals out of the water. From advertising opportunities to referral groups, to expert sales advice, there’s something for everyone.

5. They are there when you need it.

If you buy too many donuts, you can save some for when you need them later.
While there’s nothing like a fresh, hot donut, you can make them last longer if you store them properly. In fact, donuts can last up to four days in the fridge and three months in the freezer. That way, if you have a sugar emergency, you’ve got a little insurance in your icebox.
VMA insurance is there when you need it too.
VMA offers competitive commercial insurance and workers’ comp programs that are perfect for your small business. We write $30M in insurance policies annually, and our brokers are dedicated to helping small businesses find the right coverage. And we don’t just check out once you sign up. We’re there with you every step of the way when you have questions or need to file a claim.

6. Help you welcome others.

Donuts are a perfect way to say “welcome.”
Got a new neighbor? Hired a new employee? Why not welcome them with a few donuts? It’s a universal way to say “I’m glad you’re here.” If you were new somewhere, wouldn’t you love to be greeted with a donut?
VMA helps you find new candidates that you can roll out the welcome mat to.
VMA’s Job Center is full of qualified candidates so you can find the perfect fit for your business. We know how tough it is to find the right people these days. With VMA, it’s easy to post your positions on our job center and search our candidate database.
Okay, okay…donuts may not be good for you every day. But VMA has plenty of benefits that’ll definitely help your business each day and make you smile without adding an inch to your waistline.
Want to learn how? Set up some time with Shannon Wolford, our membership director, for coffee and a donut. She’ll show you how VMA’s benefits — from health insurance to HR support will benefit your business in every way. And she’ll bring you both coffee and a donut!
Reach out to Shannon Wolford at 415-710-0568 or shannon@visualmediaalliance.org

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