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From Social Distancing Signs to Single Use Menus, Printers & Designers Have it “COVID”

The pandemic has inspired our printing and creative communities to devise a variety of unique items, from fun and creative social distancing signs to face masks and single-use menus, designed to safeguard public health. These products show the adaptability of our industry and help create some financial opportunities in this harsh business climate.

With new COVID-19 cases still being diagnosed, experts continue to emphasize the importance of social distancing, including remaining at least 6 feet apart from others to reduce risk of infection. In response, seemingly overnight, printers and designers have worked together to create new products (while also creating new revenue streams) that help businesses safeguard public health.

Entertaining Social Distancing Signs

Enterprising VMA members like Minuteman Press of Vallejo are printing social distancing posters, outdoor signs, banners, and more to help businesses remind customers of the 6 foot rule. And with an increasing number of venues cautiously reopening, these items are only going to grow in demand.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, designers are finding fun ways to get the social distancing message across, including signs that feature fun elements.

A nod to the local wildlife (Australia)

A local government official in repose (Brighton, NY)

A one cow apart sign

Creatively Branded ‘6 Feet Apart’ Floor Decals and More

With the help of printers and creative agencies, many large companies have worked their social distancing message into their brand, and some have created fun social distancing signs with it.

Smaller companies, too, have brought their own unique eccentricities to floor decals, window graphics, and more, such as:

The Dungeons chain of UK history-themed attractions

Fireball Whisky

A Wide Variety of COVID-19-related Print Opportunities

Printers and designers are also finding new revenue opportunities in other related areas such as:
– Single-use menu for restaurants
– Signage and labeling for testing centers
– To go boxes for traditional dine-in restaurants
– Personal protection equipment (PPE)

Though the road out of this pandemic promises to be a bumpy one, there are ways to get creative and generate business opportunities, hopefully offsetting some of their COVID-19-related losses along the way.

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