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Checklist for Reopening

On August 28, 2020, California revised the criteria for loosening and tightening restrictions on activities in each county to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Called “Blueprint for a Safer Economy,” the state has created a four-tier, four-color, designation based on a county’s test positivity and case rate.

At a minimum, a county must remain in a tier for at least 3 weeks before moving forward. Data is reviewed weekly and tiers are updated on Tuesdays. To move forward, a county must meet the next tier’s criteria for two consecutive weeks. If a county’s metrics worsen for two consecutive weeks, it will be assigned a more restrictive tier.

You can find the color-coded heat-map of the designation for each county as well as the status of a business and other activities by county. Since printing has been designated an essential industry, under the Activity selection on this website, there is no designation for the industry. However, that does not mean the industry is exempt from statewide safety requirements and protocol.

Moreover, localities (counties and cities) may take more restrictive measures and have their own unique standards and paperwork requirements. All businesses, to be safe, should post the state checklist and any county/locality protocols/checklist required.

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