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What Will Advertisements Be Like In 100 Years?

Industry is always moving forwards. Businesses and marketers are focused on growth, and promotions seem to evolve with both technology and social trends. When advertisement was still a burgeoning business a century ago, designers and graphic artists would have been hard pressed to imagine the current digital world. Companies relied on different tactics to promote reach and generate leads.

What Will Advertisement Be Like In 100 Years?

Based on the rapid changes that technology has produced in the way people communicate and gather information, should businesses assume that advertising 100 years from now will be equally changed? Will data and image transference have progressed to the level of instant dissemination, or will the culture and the technology reach a plateau? The new dawn of advertising could have a very different outlook depending future trends.

Realism Or Fantasy

Practical minds would like to think that technology will continue to improve lifestyles while maintaining individuality. For marketers, this new century of advertisement can include micro-videos on a pervasive digital network that is a constant presence for consumers. The result will be the need to quickly and effectively evoke response amid the ubiquitous digital chatter. This can lead to creative ways of using technology to generate a human connection.

What Will Advertisement Be Like In 100 Years?

Other marketers may assume that the distinction between technology and humanity is a little less defined. Social culture is already in constant connection through handheld personal devices, so the leap to digital implants or neural upgrades may not be a fiction. How does this affect advertising content and dissemination? Will there be ethical guidelines that dominate how to generate leads, or will the human network become interconnected? Advertising has greatly relied upon images to send a message, yet, this possible future may rely on emotional downloads to trigger interest.

The question itself will be greatly dependent on how social and technological trends advance, but it poses an interesting vision for businesses, marketers, and designers. Do you see a practical future, or do you see advertisement changing to a sensory channel? It will be interesting to see how everyone answers the question of what advertising will be like in 100 years. For that matter, we might more practically be asking about what the next decade will bring as well.

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