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What Not to Do in Web Design (This will lose you customers)

Just like brick and mortar was the storefront before, now many companies rely on their website to communicate and attract potential customers – and a simple name and logo simply will not do.

In a study looking at what influenced a user’s opinion of a website (either it’s design or content), 94% of participants claimed it was the website’s design.

Here is a curated list of things NOT to do / have if you want a successful website that sells:

Less is more when it comes to design. Flash animations, auto-play videos, and pop-up ads ruin your chances to get people to want to stay on your website, plus large files and videos may slow down the speed. Thirty-eight percent of people say they will stop engaging with a website if the images are taking too long to load). Lastly, when a customer “bounces”, or leaves the page fast, it tells search engines that you’re not the right solution and will ruin your SEO.

Having no Call-to-Action (CTA)
The worst websites are confusing as to what they are selling. Don’t leave customers guessing (or leaving your website) – make sure you have direct and clear CTAs.

Poorly Formatted Content
It’s crucial to implement a content marketing strategy when you want people to find your website. Posting blogs about twice a week and making sure you have the right key words in your website will significantly boost your SEO ranking. ‘How to’ articles, lists and tutorials will provide valuable tricks to readers.

All content must be well-formatted: make sure the font is readable, there are no typos, and be sure not to use any fluffy language such as “we’re the best” – rather explain what your company does and what customers can expect from their experience.

Confusing Navigation
Having a positive user experience is the most important factor when visiting a website, says 95% of users. Poorly designed websites are hard to navigate, frustrating visitors. Hiring a web design company is great for making sure your website is easy to use and aligns with your brand’s identity.

Non-Responsive Pages
72% of people want mobile-friendly sites, and outdated websites will lose you credibility.

Lack of Clear Purpose, No Testimonials, and No Contact or Location
You need to make it known why you’re here, what problem you are solving and how you have affected other people’s lives through testimonials. Your website should be so user-friendly and well designed that they are dying to ‘buy’ or sign up for your services. Make it clear and easy for them to contact you and know where you are.

Effects of a Poor Website
– Ruins your credibility
– Makes you look outdated/out of touch
– Loses you customers

Make sure to invest the time and money in order to have a killer website that sells itself. This article was excerpted from “The Side Effects of Bad Websites: How Poor Web Design can Hurt Your Business,” CrazyLeaf Design.

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