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The Power of White Space with Pum Lefebure

Photo via: How Design

We live in a noisy world, where we’re on the phone 24/7 – there’s noise everywhere, you scroll down through your Instagram feed and everyone is talking, everyone is famous, and it’s just noise and noise and noise, says creative genius, global speaker and entrepreneur, Pum Lefebure.

The design expert keeps her home white on purpose – so she can come back to a blank canvas. She emphasizes why it’s important to prioritize white space in design – despite what clients say.

What is white space in graphic design?

“Designer’s love it. Clients fear it. It’s critical for clear, effective design. And still, some think of white space as ‘negative’. But the best designers know better. Sometimes, it’s not what you see, but what you don’t see. That’s when white space offers the right amount of ….well….nothing,” she says.

As a color, white is pure – a blank canvas – to create. It keeps things clean and simple, and holds to the principle that less is more.

“White space is what makes you stop and read a visual design, it makes you see what’s missing and draws on your feelings. Those who say that white space is wasted space are living in full fantasy,” says Lefebure.

White space isn’t always white

The term, ‘white space’ doesn’t always mean white. White can be a solid color, a texture or any other visual that gives you the balance and pause so your design can communicate.

“White space is the pause in visual communication,” says Lefebure. Clients often love eye-catching design elements, and “empty” spaces may seem wasteful. She often tells clients, ‘if everything is noisy, how can anyone see or hear the design?’

It’s important to educate clients about the power of pause.

This article was excerpted from The Design Principles Featuring Pum Lefebure – White Space on How Design.

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