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Ten Top Graphic Design Trends for 2018

2017 was quite a year, and so many people are ready to breathe new life with 2018. That goes for your business, too. Here are some of the top trends in graphic design that will inspire you to make a fresh start with your marketing and branding next year.


1. Responsive Logos

With smaller screens, less is more when it comes to your logo. For a decade now, responsive design has become the norm to standardize logos that fit every device — whether on a mobile screen on large computer desktop.


2. Gradients / Color Transitions

Gradients were all the rage until 2007 when flat design was in. Now, color is coming back and gradients, also called color transitions, are seeing a comeback in a new, fresh way. Big brands such as Instagram and Stripe incorporated this design in their new look with much success. Another way to look at it is as an “ombre” color combo that is the backdrop.


3. Depth (with semi-flat design)

Shadows are also making a comeback, but this time with flat design. It shows readers and users more depth, indicating a greater call to action with the presentation. Going forward, you’ll see shadows become a staple of the “semi-flat” design movement.


4. Dashing duotones

Take note — duotones are said to be one of the hottest trends in graphic design for 2018. Spotify for one has taken this trend and run with it. The process is created through a halftone printing process where one halftone is printed on top of another on top of a contrasting color, creating a two-toned image — finding new life in digital media.


5. Patterns and Palettes Inspired by the ‘80s and ‘90s

Apparently this time period is officially considered “vintage” at this point! Pastels and electric hues from the ‘80s and ‘90s have gained popularity once again. Moving away from ultra-flat designs, expect to see abstract and geometric patterns inspired by the era. This makes sense as a majority of the designers creating this were children during this era.


6. Moving graphics: GIFs and Cinemagraphs

Microinteractions are all the rage right now — but what exactly are they? Microinteractions are, simply put, tiny animations used to communicate with users and help them perform tasks. Noted as UX best practice, they are possibly one of the biggest UX trends to date.


7. Bold Typography & Serifs

Have you ever browsed a magazine just to appreciate the photography, art and typography? Now that experience is being delivered online. Serif fonts and big, bold typography will be a big trend in 2018. Helvetica-inspired san serifs have ruled the web, but now more serifs will be introduced for a more artistic, literary feel.


8. Custom Graphic Art & Design

Are you tired of seeing cheesy stock imagery across the web? Custom art and photography will still be on the rise in 2018, helping to create a visual landscape, which will really enhance and add personality to the brand.


9. Custom Photography

Custom design also bleeds into custom photography. Say goodbye to stock imagery and hello to more authentic, real-life looking photos. Customers want to connect with brands on a more personal level, and designers (and photographers) will deliver.


10. Intricately Designed Vintage

Brands achieving to get a top-shelf look often find classic design aesthetic will provide an air of distinction and sophistication. This trend may not be practical for everyone, but it is great for food and bev brands, as well as beauty and home goods. Artisan, organic and natural products do well with this design.


This article was excerpted from 10 Inspirational Graphic Design Trends for 2018 from 99Designs.

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