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Strategies & Tactics to Easily Go Green

Every dollar and hour matters to a small business so you want to be thoughtful with your commitments; It will much more effective to focus on supporting a few initiatives that really matter to you, your staff, or your customers. Try these practical ideas, both big and small, to make your business sustainable.

Reduce energy use

  • Use electricity meters to find which equipment uses the most energy. See if you can use those appliances more efficiently, or switch to energy-efficient alternatives.
  • Ask your energy providers if they offer renewable forms such as solar or wind.
  • Investing in solar panels or energy-efficient lighting. It might be more cost-effective than you think.

Conserve resources

  • Improve water conservation. Recent, sustained droughts have made clear, water conservation is just as important. Low-flow toilets and faucets, as well as waterless urinals, can drastically cut your water consumption.
  • Instead of stocking the fridge with plastic water bottles, use a water filter system so employees can fill their own.
  • Go paperless. Running your business digitally reduces waste and costs associated with paper, printers, copiers, ink cartridges, and filing cabinets.

Reuse everything possible

  • Try not to buy everything new – reuse stationery, binders, and folders when they’re available.
  • Print smarter. Use recycled paper and ink cartridges where possible, only print when necessary, avoid color printouts, print documents two-sided, and reuse unwanted paper.

Recycle whatever you can

  • Provide bins for returnable bottles, non-returnable bottles, aluminum cans, paper, and food scraps. Have clear signage for separate bins and make them easily accessible.
  • Contact your local e-scrap recycler to get a bin for your workplace and put old hardware there instead of in a landfill. Allow your staff to bring their e-waste in from home.

Buy supplies mindfully

  • Provide real kitchenware rather than disposable cups, plates, knives, and forks.
  • Use green office cleaning products – replace cleaners, dish, and hand soaps. The benefits include improved health, a reduction in allergic reactions, and a healthier planet. Check out grove.co.

Encourage your staff

  • Gift reusables – give your staff easy access to reusable coffee cups, water bottles, and recyclable/reusable tote shopping bags.
  • Reduce commuting by car – encourage your staff to ride, walk, or take public transport to work, or work from home where appropriate.
  • Reward employees for coming up with sustainable ideas or for volunteering for an environmental cause.
  • Ask you employees for sustainable ideas. To make it engaging, create a challenge and offer a small reward for employees whose ideas are implemented.

Support environmental causes

  • Community-driven programs are good for your image and public reputation, and it feels good to support something that makes a difference.
  • Adopt a green cause and do an annual fundraising event or volunteering day. There are all sorts of conservation campaigns you can take part in; find one that’s close to your heart and involve your staff and customers.

Spread the word and educate

  • Celebrate and promote what you are doing externally through your website, newsletters, and social media.
  • Partner with other local businesses to share sustainability ideas and solutions.

Choose eco-friendly vendors and partners

  • Choose vendors who are committed to the environment.
  • Read labels and check out alternatives for items that are resource-intensive or polluting.
  • Ask your vendors to develop sustainable solutions

Deliver on-demand for sustainable

  • Designing and producing high-quality packaging is essential to standing out on store shelves. But sustainability matters too. According to McKinsey, 55% of consumers are concerned with the environmental impact of product packaging.
  • Provide paper, ink, carbon offsetting, and other sustainable options and recommend these to your clients.

Lastly put the word out

  • Being sustainable is a selling point, so don’t be shy about advertising your efforts. Are you using recycled paper? Label your print projects with the recycled symbol.
  • Are you outfitting your building with solar panels? Show them off on your website.

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