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How To Stay Current With Safety Recalls For Individual And Fleet Vehicles

Proper maintenance is a key practice in keeping a vehicle safer. However, staying current with news about safety recalls is equally important, particularly if you have a large fleet to manage.

When a recall is issued, the suggested repair or service should be completed immediately. In 2016, automakers issued recalls for 53 million vehicles.

When safety recalls are issued, vehicle manufacturers attempt to contact the individuals who currently owns an affected automobile. Notices are sent through the mail, but if the owner has moved they may never receive the notice.

As a company with a fleet, it’s important you stay on top of recall information for your vehicles to protect your drivers and the public.


How Safety Recall Information Is Processed

There is no government database of vehicle recalls and there are no federally regulated standards in place for dealerships to contact customers who purchased affected vehicles.

A company called Recall Masters in California makes finding out if a vehicle has been recalled simple.

Recall Masters has created a system that works with more 1,000 dealerships across the nation. Using this system and comparing it to product recalls issued by manufacturers, the company has helped identify more 60 million recalled vehicles that have not been fixed.


How To Check For Safety Recalls

Recall Masters runs MotorSafety.org. The site is designed to give private vehicle owners and fleet owners access to recall information.

Site visitors search for their vehicles by entering the VIN in the box on the front page. The search tool quickly shows any current recall notices. To help vehicle owners complete the repairs, Recall Masters also suggests nearby certified dealerships.

Since fleet owners often have hundreds or even thousands of vehicles, staying current with updates by manually entering each VIN takes too much valuable time.

Recall Masters developed a for-profit program that tracks all commercial vehicles in a fleet and notifies owners of recalls as they are issued. Also, the company helps fleet customers contact their clients when applicable.

While proper maintenance and regular recall checks can ensure vehicle safety, having adequate insurance is equally important. To learn more about safety recalls and how to stay protected on the road, speak with us today.

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