It’s free for current owners of the application, which costs $99 (around £82.50 plus VAT). You can buy it here.

The most obvious change is the app’s logo. Gone is the gradient-heavy diamond (below), replaced by a simpler low-poly version (above) that’s more in keeping with 2016’s taste (ok, tastes since about 2013).

The gradients have also been completely from the app’s icons, have a flatter simpler feel.

Sketch developer Bohemian Coding says that this flatter look-and-feel will be rolled out to other parts of the app – and Sketch’s identity – in the coming months.

In every instance of a symbol on your document, you can already override text and images to tailor them to how you’re using them. With Sketch 4.1, you can also override any nested symbols – as long as they’re the same size – quickly replacing an ‘off’ version of a button with an ‘on’ version.

Other improvements in Sketch 4.1 include this list provided by Bohemian Coding.

  • You can now password-protect files shared via Sketch Cloud for extra privacy
  • A new “Paste with Style” menu item for when you want to paste Rich Text into Sketch
  • Improves shapes converted to outlines by removing overlapping paths and superfluous points
  • The horizontal and vertical alignment options now take the middle of the layer at the bottom, rather than the average of the selected layers for more predictable results
  • Many, many more bug fixes and stability improvements

You can download the Sketch 4.1 update here.