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Six Affordable Ways to Achieve Luxurious Print

Ashley Maydak, Brand Marketing Manager at Domtar Paper, explains in the Podcasts from the Printer that you don’t need a ton of money to make fancy print – it all has to do with the paper you choose.

1. Think about the paper first
Maydak says we should rethink the ‘design first, choose paper later’ approach and instead think about the paper first in your design.

2. Heavyweight gets far
Heavyweight paper signifies higher importance and better durability when it comes to design. “Think about when you’re at a networking event and someone hands you a business card on a heavyweight paper – you automatically assume that person or business is important, as it has more of a presence,” she says.

3. Be very selective about your images
Ashley suggests the right paper paired with the right image can bolster authenticity and bring about an extra layer of trust. If you choose the wrong type of paper, it might convey your image in a negative way, so make sure you’re taking the whole product into consideration during the process.

4. Be strategic with post press techniques
Ashley warns against failing to consider post-press techniques when designing your products, and sees people with the budget viewing methods like die-cutting, embossing and foiling as more of an afterthought, rather than a way of taking your product to the next level. Paper companies are an amazing resource for info on all things printed products (the Dotmar website is home to a lot of great info).

5. Size matters
Have you considered changing up your size as a way to grab reader’s attention when they’re going through the mail? Just like paper, the size is a great way to make yourself stand out.

6. Don’t discount digital!
Ashley has noticed the trend towards more and more digital pieces being created using Domtar paper. She is looking forward to seeing more people taking advantage of the tremendous opportunities and creative options that digital offers.

This article was excerpted from ‘6 Affordable Ways to Achieve Luxury in Print with Ashley Maydak, Domtar Paper’, Print Media Centr.

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