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Pallet Safety Key to Preventing Many Injuries

Pallet injuries are very common in industrial and warehouse settings as people often do not store them correctly or use them as stepping stools. This item outlines tips for pallet safety.

If you have a warehouse and store products on pallets, you may not be aware that they present one of the most common workplace hazards.

The most common injuries around pallets are when workers trip over them or step or fall on them. Sometimes employees will step on a wooden pallet for support to reach something up high.

Also, an empty pallet that has not been put away creates a tripping hazard, and injuries from this cause are the most common.

Many workers hurt themselves because they did not see the pallet or were not aware that it could break if stepped on.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the chances of pallet-related injuries.

Here are some helpful tips to prevent such injuries.

Primary precautions

  • Pallets should be stored flat on the ground.
  • Make sure there are no nails sticking out of pallet boards.
  • Ensure all the boards of the pallet are secure and not loose.
  • Use gloves when handling pallets to avoid splinters or cuts from shards of wood.
  • If a pallet is too heavy to move, workers should ask for assistance.
  • Check that pallet stacks are stable.
  • Be sure the load is stable on the pallet before moving.
  • Discard broken wood pieces to prevent tripping hazards.

Injury prevention

  • Do not step on a pallet. They are not built for humans to use as stepping stools, and boards can break.
  • Do not use a pallet with broken boards. Fix it or discard it.
  • Do not store pallets on their sides. They can injure someone if they topple over.
  • Do not step over pallets. Instead walk around them.



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