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Online Brand Guidelines Just Make Sense

So you have a 30-page brand book to keep that new brand tidy. The PDF is beautiful, but you can never find it, or it’s just too time-consuming to bother looking through it. So what’s the point?

We constantly tell our clients how vital consistency is, especially in their brand infancy. Yup, just like your mom used to do. But when we hand over archaic guidelines on paper, how can we expect that painstakingly hard work be put to use by either you, your team, vendors, and anyone with a hand on your brand? We don’t. That’s why we’ve custom-built our own online platform!

Our new tool puts your brand concept, logos and logo file formats, color palette specs, typography rules, fonts, photography, icons, illustration, and more online and in your pocket. We store it on your site or subdomain so that all you need to remember is brand.yourname.com. No more VPN, digging into files, figuring out what version is the latest, etc. No more dropbox, file compression, or crazy file formats. It’s all RIGHT THERE at your figurative front door.

Making your brand guidelines accessible online makes a ton of sense. Here’s how:

Not only can we easily update your guidelines on the fly, but they’re always available, easy to use, a quick-read for the things your team needs most often, and they’re accessible anywhere. YAY for brand CONSISTENCY!

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