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Designers: Roundup of the Best Color Sites out There

Color Hunt

“By creating smart and simple compositions of several tones, we provide beautiful palettes of colors that work together.”



300,000+ designers and color-minded people share their color palettes on the site constantly, so there’s always fresh inspiration.


Adobe Color CC

Nobody does it better than Adobe. Create your own color palette with their smart online tool.


Design Seeds

This site celebrates colors found in nature for all your eco-promoting projects.



Generate an infinite amount of color palettes and save and export them easily.



The pay-as-you-wish app lets you create color schemes, apply rules and randomize ideas when you’re out of inspiration.



A beautiful, interactive way to look at color schemes.



For advanced users, this tool has more robust color palettes.


Colour Me Curious

A series of color palettes are available of any use – score!



Generate color schemes from Pantone swatches.


Color Palettes

Great for social media design generation.


For the full list, visit the original article “Color Palette Inspiration & Color Scheme Generators” from Print Mag.

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