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December 2016 Featured Member

When Dava Guthmiller founded Noise 13 over 16 years ago, it was with a singular goal in mind: to bring teams together with clients to create insightful, compelling brands. Today, clients from all industries, including Uber, Orion, Tile and Planet, to name a few, turn to Noise 13 to help them create a unique brand style that mirrors the lifestyles of the customers each serves.

For Guthmiller, understanding that exceptional creative doesn’t happen in a vacuum put the imperative on the Noise 13 team to hand-select the companies they want to work with. In choosing only those whose products and services the company believes in — and whose teams they feel they can connect with, the shop turns out branding and design that enables their clients to stand out in a crowded marketplace and create lasting relationships with their customers.

To learn more, visit http://noise13.com/.

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