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Dear David: Prohibiting Personal Phone Use During Work Hours — Is This Okay?

Prohibiting Personal Phone Use During Work Hours — Is This Okay?

Yes, you can limit or prohibit the use of personal devices during work hours. Employees can be expected to give their undivided attention to the work you pay them to perform. If that means phones need to be silenced or put away, you are entitled to make this request. Prohibiting personal phone use may not be necessary, however. Periodic mental health breaks can actually improve overall productivity. And if an employee is able to work efficiently and not distract their colleagues while listening to music or a podcast, there’s probably no reason to prohibit them from doing so.

However you decide to approach cell phone use during work hours, employees should be allowed to use them during their break and meal periods. This time needs to be truly their own in order to satisfy the requirements of many state laws.

Be sure to outline your expectations in a handbook policy and distribute it to all employees.

As a VMA Member, you can create a free employee handbook through ThinkHR/Mineral easy Handbook Builder. If you need your mineral login info, contact jessica@vma.bz.

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