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Dear David: Non-Work Harassment Issues

Do we need to conduct an investigation if one of our employees has accused another employee of harassment at a non-work event?

Answered by the HR Experts:
Absolutely. It is important to remember that not all interactions between employees take place at work, and these non-work interactions can ultimately affect the workplace, potentially contributing to a hostile work environment. For example, if an employee made threatening comments about a certain racial group at a social event and these comments were heard by another employee, that employee may feel afraid or unsafe coming into work.

Given that employers are required to provide a workplace free from harassment, it’s best to investigate these situations promptly and thoroughly. You can find more information about harassment and workplace investigations on the platform.

This Q&A does not constitute legal advice and does not address state or local law. 

This information is from Mineral, a human resource solutions portal. Every month, we share an important HR Q&A. As a VMA member, you can also get other HR questions answered for free through your complimentary Mineral account. Contact jessica@visualmediaalliance.org for questions. 

David Katz
Vice President
VMA Insurance Services

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