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Author and Entrepreneur Seth Godin Discusses the Current State of Print and Publishing


We came across this wonderful quick video while digging around Cary Sherburne’s website.

This video, published by What They Think, on January 22, 2015 offers a refreshing perspective on the value of printing presented by Seth Godin, author of several best-selling business books , entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. Cary Sherburne sits down with Seth at Digital Book World in New York to share his thoughts on the current state of the printing and publishing industries. Seth also shares information on how he’s distributing his latest book.

Watch it here.

The book Seth mentions








Cary will be hosting a few webinars for us. On September 13 she will host Mega Trends Driving the Print Industry  and on October 11 she will be discussing Succession Planning with more industry experts.



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