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As Showcase Pauses, Entries Still Accepted

Our Showcase Awards Competition provides members with increased name recognition in the industry and is an important tool used by our member to attract new clients. Of late, however, participation in Showcase has decreased.

At the January VMA Board of Directors meeting, the difficult decision was made to put the Showcase competition on hold for 2019. The event will be recreated for 2020 with a more refined competition, a change in venue, and enhanced marketing efforts to appeal to both the print and creative community.

While we won’t be holding a local competition, companies can still compete nationally in the prestigious PIA Premier Print Awards, also known as the “Bennys”. The VMA office will process entries and deliver them to PIA National. The PPA competition recognizes the highest quality printed pieces in a variety of categories around the world, including divisions for the smallest print and design companies.

As a gesture, we are offering any interested participants a discounted rate of $44 (50% off) per entry. To participate in this opportunity, please fill out this entry form here or contact May Suen at may@vma.bz, she will provide you with entry information. The deadline to enter is April 26, 2019. Don’t delay, collect your entries today!

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