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31 Holiday Cards to Inspire You This Season


If you’re taking the DIY route on holiday cards this year but are blanking on what to do, you’re in good company. HOW Twitter follower Ben Lee recently expressed the same and asked whether we had any inspiration for him. Well, we do now. Have a look at the holiday card design below to inspire your creations this year.

Play Up the Type & Lettering

Make type the star like these creatives did:

holiday card design by Vintage Vectors Studio

Design by Vintage Vectors Studio

holiday card design by mary kate mcdevitt

Design by Mary Kate McDevitt

Editor’s Note: McDevitt is joining Bobby C. Martin Jr., Jennifer Kinon and Veronika Burian as one of Print‘s 2016 Typography & Lettering Awards judges. See more of her work here, and be sure to enter your typefaces, design type-centric pieces or hand lettered projects, before extended deadline Dec. 2, 2016! 


holiday card design by christina kwiek

Design by Christina Kwiek


holiday card design by qian sun

Design by qian sun


holiday card design by simple thoughts paper co

Design by Simple Thoughts Paper Co


holiday card design by Epic Layers Inc

Design by Epic Layers Inc


holiday card design by Stevanus Kurniawan

Design by Stevanus Kurniawan

Go Geometric

Use shapes to get your message across like these designers did:

holiday card design by Yiwen Lu

Design by Yiwen Lu


holiday card design by wood campers

Design by Wood Campers


holiday card design by tara tsang

Design by Tara Tsang


Tell a Story

Take this opportunity to tell your friends, family or clients a story, as the designers of the pieces below did:

Design by Serg Osokin


Design by Simon Laliberté, Jonathan Rouxel and Mourad 


Design by Dylan Mierzwinski


Illustrate Your Heart Out

Take some time to draw the sugarplums dancing around in your head.

holiday card design by Nick Matej

Design by Nick Matej

holiday card design by Mork Work

Design by Mork Work


Design by Sam Soulek

Design by Sam Soulek


Design by Tom Froese

Design by Tom Froese


holiday card design by Olivia Moore

Design by Olivia Moore


Design by Olga Zakharova

Design by Olga Zakharova


Design by David Moyer

Design by David Moyer


holiday card design by Sarah Corbett

Design by Sara Corbett


holiday card design

Design by Hilli Kushnir


Let the Lines Out

holiday card design by Krista Hansen

Design by Krista Hansen


holiday card design by Daniel Haire

Design by Daniel Haire


Design by Yiwen Lu

Design by Yiwen Lu


holiday card design

Design by 


Buck Tradition

Delight your holiday card recipients with some out-of-the-box thinking, like these creatives did:

holiday card design

Design by xoana herrera


holiday card Design by Joseph Veazey

Design by Joseph Veazey [Did you know that Veazey was a 2016 PRINT New Visual Artist?]


Design by Joseph Veazey

Design by Joseph Veazey


holiday card design e08cf213329229-5627a5344a548

Design by Justas Che and Anna Jarmolowicz


holiday card design by Ginger and milk

Design by Ginger and Milk

This was originally published in How Design.


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